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Karen ([personal profile] frozenflower) wrote2012-07-21 11:21 pm
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Welcome to Da 90's

Oh, the memories came flooding back XD For the benefit of those not on plurk anyway.

1. We had the Sega Game Gear, and all I ever played on it was Sonic and Tails (not Knuckles, sorry.) And we didn't have the money to constantly replace the battery (dude was right, Sega devices batteries pretty damned fast), so we'd have to plug in the portable.

2. Ah, diskettes. I remember amassing a 100++ collection of diskettes with nothing but images from Gundam Wing, Rurouni Kenshin, Escaflowne, Fushigi Yuugi, Sailormoon, etc., etc. I even remember that whenever we'd buy diskettes, we made sure that we only bought the neon, see-through ones.

3. We had that see-through phone. It was pretty funky, BUT IT BROKE EASILY.

4. Totally agreeing with what this dude is saying re: Bret Hart XD But he was my favorite WWF wrestler, along with Undertaker. 

5. ... I actually believed the luck that trolls gave. So much that I bought a troll to school during our periodical exams. I don't remember if it worked XD 


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