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Karen ([personal profile] frozenflower) wrote2012-09-21 04:27 pm

words fail me.

 There is this one scene that keeps playing in my head over and over again for the past few weeks that wants to be written. An image of me skewered against a crumbling wall with a lance. I'm trying to write it down, but I can't finish it.
Nice, no? The one time I want to write something, even if it is a very short something, and I can't even finish it.

But hey, it's a good writing prompt, right? So comment with what you can churn out with that image in mind, guys. 
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You are now a sci-fi action hero!

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Karen stared down her opponent. Her breath was going fast, blood was dripping from a deep cut on her forehead, as well as another on her thigh (goodbye, favorite pants), and her arms trembled with the effort of holding up her large broadsword. The sky was thematically appropriate in its drab gray cloudiness.

She knew this was her last stand. The enemy cyborg's visor gleamed down at her, and if she didn't know better, she would've said it was grinning with scorn and triumph. It wasn't, however. It had no mouth. These cyborgs weren't made to eat, made to live. Only to fight. And its bodily functions were well-protected. Karen had managed to get in one well-placed stab, which barely bothered the cyborg. Meanwhile, she herself was bleeding heavily and at the absolute end of her strength. It was a miracle she was still upright.

She didn't regret. Here, she'd be losing and the enemy's cyborg would run free, but her disciples had learned her lessons diligently. Karen was confident they could go on by their own.

And so she smiled as the cyborg's lance pierced her heart, pinning her against the wall behind her. It came crumbling down with her as she fell to the ground.
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Re: You are now a sci-fi action hero!

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Ahh, I bet. |D BUT you said it was you! And I wanted to make you an action hero!

And yes, you have disciples. You are a great master of martial arts, a veteran of the battlefield.