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Karen ([personal profile] frozenflower) wrote2011-09-01 01:42 am
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To Pam Pastor. Sort of.

She didn't actually say or imply anything to me. And it was the first time that I met her though I have heard of her name before. But thank you, Pam Pastor. Hearing you talk yesterday sort of gave me permission to (wo)man up and begin writing in earnest.

I tagged along with Honey and Tarie, masterminds of the upcoming ReaderCon, to atend the NBDB's book club discussion of her book Paper Cuts. I've heard of her name several times in the past but didn't really connect her with any publication (I later found out that she writes for Inquirer's 2bu section). When she entered the library she had blue and purple hair, glasses and hot pink Doc Martens. I loved her on sight.

The book is a collection of some of her blog posts dating back from the year 2000. I'm still reading it but it is an easy and very entertaining read. Book thoughts will go into the book blog once I'm done for some new content in that corner. I listened to her regale us us with stories on how she got started on writing, books she's currently reading and the different stuff she gets to do with her newspaper gig. AFter the talk (and getting my copy of her book signed) Honey, Tarie and me ate at the new Bon Chon Chicken branch in Katipunan and went our separate ways. I should have gone on home but I went to Starbucks (I'd have gone to Seattle's Best but I don't think their current configuration with Kenny Rogers is conducive to any sort of lounging around), went for the usual drink of Caramel Macchiatto with raspberry syrup, and wrote.

... rather, it was read the newspaper, space out listening to music, read the paper again, then wrote:

wearing espadrilles in the rain, however colorful they might be, isn't a good idea

An hour and a half later, I was able to write on 7 pages of a small, squared notebook. There was no "Eureka!" moment, no ray of light dramatically shining down from behind the clouds (like that was about to happen inside a Starbucks store). Just the thought "... oh this feels pretty good. I should keep doing this."

Here's to hoping I should.